I usually listen to the news on t.v. and hear about whats going on in our country and around the world. I would call what I see on the television the worst pack of P.R. lies, pro government propaganda. Aside from that I found that the Internet net has a little more truth. One of my favorite sources of news is NPR(National Public Radio). They have many interesting stories as well as a streaming feed of news talks and podcast from all over the world. Tuesday after class I found that I could become a border police deputy if I so chose.

Virtual border patrol... that's right the United States of America is calling for you, to sit at your computer and watch one of about eleven cameras all along the border. When, or if you actually see someone you are to report this by email to an office in Texas that goes and investigates the problem.

This is our new solution to protecting our borders. I would call it minor vigilantism, if that's a word. Basically the government has put the protection of our borders in the hand s of anyone who wants to help. Yes there are still, regular police who handle these matters, but now they can have more eyes on more of the popular crossing sites of our border.

(By clicking the link you hear the the short podcast on the NPR website. )

While listening to the guest who called din on the program I was amazed... and I do mean truly amazed when he said" I enjoys sitting at my computer for hours at a time after work (he's a truck driver mind you) I don't think that it is in any form being a vigilant, but I think that I am helping to protect my country's borders.

While I sat there, wondered if any one else would do this another guest was on (chief patrol officer), he said that they once got an email that stated... "hey mate we've been watching the border for ya from the pub." These people were watching our border in Australia!

There are a couple of people that think that this is a total waste of money and time; especially in the state our economy is in, we need to stop wasting it on this. I guess this has the potential to be a good resource, but there would need to be some form of training I would suggest.

Just having random people on the Internet looking when ever they want is just a waste if time and money that, and as of now we cant afford to be wasting either. Some of the people working as virtual patrols believe that they are making a difference. I think that they are doing something good for their country yes, but my question would be is this really what we want our citizens to be doing in their spare time.

What do you think about this situation and new form of patrolling our nations borders?
Matt Kelley, a student in my dorm says " I think that it is sort of a good thing, because those people could be out there doing things themselves. " I think that he made a legitimate statement
there are those who take extremes and would be out there with there own arms trying to do the right thing the wrong way.

All in all this is both a waste of time and money, but there are also a few benefits. some of the vigilantist can be occupied with something that will keep them out the way.


If that’s what it means to be a vigilant, then sign me up. All I have to do is watch my computer. The hardest part of that job would be to drive to the bank to cash my paychecks.

I don’t see how this is a bad thing. People would need to be watching the borders and be getting paid anyway. I don’t understand how this relates to the state of our economy; except that it puts money in peoples’ pockets.

You also said you don’t think that this is how we want our citizens spending their free time… why not? It gives them money, which helps the economy more than any stimulus plan could. There are less productive things that citizens do in their free time. At least this isn’t counterproductive.

I’m not bashing you or this blog. It’s a good blog, I just disagree.

February 26, 2009 at 8:19 AM  

I'm going to go ahead and have to disagree with the comment that is above mine, of Guy McGee's. First of all, if people want to make money they should go out and try to get something called a JOB.

Sitting in front of your computer watching a fence all day doesn't seem very productive to me whatsoever. If you really want to sit in front of computer and get something done, learn to do computer programming, a much better substitute to observing a fence.

In my personal opinion, our border patrol is just fine as it is, and if we're going to pay someone to watch the border, I would prefer if their actually doing it in person.

February 26, 2009 at 6:29 PM