Red or Blue Pill?

What up people, so as college students we all want or wish for something to make homework and classes easier. Well apparently there's this new drug you can take. It has neither side effect nor does it cause you to become drowsy. In fact it does the very opposite keeps you alert, focused, and centered. One catches... It’s illegal yep you know what I'm talking about, Adderall.

The new craze in study techniques and destroyer of procrastination, any students are using Adderall for all work and doing very well in their classes. This has become an epidemic, where four out of every twenty students are taking Adderall the (wonder drug) to get through their classes.

Many of my friends are on this drug and say that it works great. That it really does all that it is said to do. I also know that the same friends are staying up two and three days straight after taking this drug. I have asked some students around campus; not many about twenty what they think of Adderall and have they taken it themselves. I found out that many of them said yes, and that it works. My question is what is the cost for having this drug?

I've looked up some information on this drug and found that it has a high tendency for becoming quite addictive. Meaning the more you take it the more you want it. I mean that is one of the worst symptoms ever if you ask me. I wonder how many kids are on this drug here at Purdue, and is there any way to make this safe.

My rant on this would be if you want to do well in class, but don't want to work hard on your own will, then take this pill become a studying and working machine for a couple days and have a nice life. Cause your most likely going to become an addict for it. There will always be some drug or supplement out there that everyone says will help with something. Especially with students, we as students should make the choice either to take or not.

From a student’s point of view, I can see the real potential for good this to happen. You get your work done all caught up in school, so you get to hang out more. Whatever the reason, more time to do whatever. Adderall would be sold out on shelves if it wasn't illegal, but it is. Students are taking the risk of getting incarcerated to get their work done easier, fast, and focused.

Then again I would like to know what the universities are thinking about this. I mean they also know what goes on in college, as well as with the students. Looking from their view I would wondering how to keep students from using something illegal, dangerous and addictive just to get work done. How do you stop something like that?Well I’ll tell you one they have tried… DOGS; yes dogs. The new K-9 unit for the Purdue and west Lafayette police. This unit includes eleven new dogs and trainers who will help in the service of protecting the city.

What do you think about Adderall in colleges all over the country? What are your views on this situation, and where do you stand? I want to hear from some students, to see how many people really know of Adderall and what it does.