This week the president has been under a lot of pressure with his first presidential statement to the press. In my opinion he did a great job expressing what needed to be expressed. The president came on a little strong willed and, hearted. He told the people of the united states as well as the press and the world of our problem and his current actions in detail.

The economic stimulus plan has been the controversial issue in present times. Everyone expects a quick and simple fix, well that's what got us into this mess in the first place. Also where my main picture represents. Super "O" to the rescue, here to fix the economy,war in Iraq, and world hunger in three weeks tops. No really, Super "O" can sign a thousand bills with one hand tied behind his back. "He can enunciate himself in a speech, and can actually express himself in an intelligent way".

The president has come to make the white house his home. Unfortunately he can not go on his famous lone walks, but the white house lawn suffices. With the family, Home, and work place all in one; Mr. Obama has found that he can spend much more time with his family and children. In fact more than with any other job. Although he thinks of his former job from time to time.I've been posting a lot of humorous pictures, from political views to theses Obama shoes. I just want "you" to see some of the outrageous multimedia portraits of Barack and his Secretary of state Hillary.

I just think it is funny how all of these different clothing lines that I've never heard of start to pop up when Barack was elected. I mean his face was on everything, I saw a guy in Indy who had a perforated picture of Barack on his sunglasses. I mean he really has harnessed this idea of change; especially in the hearts and minds of the youth of America.

To see all of this change before my eyes is a wonderful experience,I am witnessing history as it happens; as a history major... that's a big deal! If I possibly become a teacher (which I highly doubt because I would hate to teach a student like me) one of my favorite things to teach would definitely be this event in history.