I just recently had my first visit to the west Lafayette library. I had a lot of studying to do and did not want to go to my dorm. When entering the building I got a real sense of solitude and meekness. By the color scheme of tan, light brown, light green and hints of blue. All of these colors make you feel as if you are calm, or ready to settle down.
While roaming through the library I was greeted by a few of the employees for assistance. I kindly refused their offers and told them I was just looking around. I found myself upstairs in the back of the top floor, looking out over food strip of Einstein's and subway, with my fellow students. We were all silently studying and writing trying to play this game called college as best we could.
I explored a little more and found that The library also was equipped with a conference room as well as board meeting and study rooms. I might sound shocked in this story, well its because I was. I did not expect for a small city like this to have such a lavish and well stocked library. I can not, for the life of me know why, but I was expecting something different and was blown away.
From now on I will be doing all my studying on campus here at the library of west Lafayette. The first impression experience has caught me in its jaws. If you don't believe me please check it out for yourselves. I think that those of you who haven't been will be just as amazed with their facility as I was.