shots out in the dark

Yeah this week I really have absolutely have no idea what I'm going to write about. I mean really, I have no freaking clue. Have you ever had moments when you just totally space out, you have no what to do first so you get nothing done at all... Well I have that but it has lasted for three days, I bet it lasts the rest of the week too though.

When I get like this it is bad, cant finish work, nor can I effectively think or sleep. Its a real problem. I wonder if this will be a problem latter in life because if it is then my future boss is in for a horrible surprise.I mean if I get a week like this I most likely will be fired.

No I doubt that any of that will happen, I m just stalling so I can get this assignment done. Wow I haven't made any progress on this at all.

Oh... I got my camera fixed and had a new focal plane shutter put in. Its the shutter that sits right in front of the focal plane, or viewing area of the camera. With a focal plane shutter i am able to take a clear and pristine picture, my focus increases by twenty percent, and my camera is a little lighter.