Iran Drones

In recent news we have heard of Obama getting some arguments and conflicts with Iran. Saying that the Iranians are tiered of the unman drones that come in and attack certain terrorist occupied areas. These drones are the new age of war fare. They can go as far as some maned jets can and destroy the enemy with no casualties. The air force as well as the navy and marines are using these new weapons to cause destruction and chaos in the enemies lines.

I have an interest in this technology because on of my friends is actually learning to fly and repair these machines of war. He has always been interested in this type of thing and I'm glad he is doing what he likes.

The Predator-qr is an awesome piece of equipment that can use the lower atmosphere orbit to stay in the sky up to three weeks. This allows our forces to take important pics and get enemy locations in seconds. With a small unmanned air craft in the air radar is virtually useless. Also the air craft is very quiet and small so hard to destroy , in the right hands can dish out a lot of trouble for the other side.

The reason I brought up Iran, because we are discussing about Iran in my history class. We were talking about the new and modern weapons that the Iranians had in 1975. The dangerous weapon of hostage taking. In 1975 the most unprecedented happened. Some Iranian students charged the American embassy and took all inside as hostages for four months. This was Americas first globally staged hostage situation.

The hostages were released and everything was resolved, but as we have seen and history has shown is that if you bring some new type of warfare to the equation you have a better chance at a better out come.

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