I usually listen to the news on t.v. and hear about whats going on in our country and around the world. I would call what I see on the television the worst pack of P.R. lies, pro government propaganda. Aside from that I found that the Internet net has a little more truth. One of my favorite sources of news is NPR(National Public Radio). They have many interesting stories as well as a streaming feed of news talks and podcast from all over the world. Tuesday after class I found that I could become a border police deputy if I so chose.

Virtual border patrol... that's right the United States of America is calling for you, to sit at your computer and watch one of about eleven cameras all along the border. When, or if you actually see someone you are to report this by email to an office in Texas that goes and investigates the problem.

This is our new solution to protecting our borders. I would call it minor vigilantism, if that's a word. Basically the government has put the protection of our borders in the hand s of anyone who wants to help. Yes there are still, regular police who handle these matters, but now they can have more eyes on more of the popular crossing sites of our border.

(By clicking the link you hear the the short podcast on the NPR website. )

While listening to the guest who called din on the program I was amazed... and I do mean truly amazed when he said" I enjoys sitting at my computer for hours at a time after work (he's a truck driver mind you) I don't think that it is in any form being a vigilant, but I think that I am helping to protect my country's borders.

While I sat there, wondered if any one else would do this another guest was on (chief patrol officer), he said that they once got an email that stated... "hey mate we've been watching the border for ya from the pub." These people were watching our border in Australia!

There are a couple of people that think that this is a total waste of money and time; especially in the state our economy is in, we need to stop wasting it on this. I guess this has the potential to be a good resource, but there would need to be some form of training I would suggest.

Just having random people on the Internet looking when ever they want is just a waste if time and money that, and as of now we cant afford to be wasting either. Some of the people working as virtual patrols believe that they are making a difference. I think that they are doing something good for their country yes, but my question would be is this really what we want our citizens to be doing in their spare time.

What do you think about this situation and new form of patrolling our nations borders?
Matt Kelley, a student in my dorm says " I think that it is sort of a good thing, because those people could be out there doing things themselves. " I think that he made a legitimate statement
there are those who take extremes and would be out there with there own arms trying to do the right thing the wrong way.

All in all this is both a waste of time and money, but there are also a few benefits. some of the vigilantist can be occupied with something that will keep them out the way.

This weekend was the competition of Rube Goldberg project. Many of you may be wondering what, or who is Rube Goldberg. He was an engineer that be came a cartoonist, and was widely popular. Many of the cartoons in news papers today are made by people who loved Rube's work.

Reuben Lucius Goldberg was born in San Fransisco on July 4Th 1883. He went to college and be came an engineer. After graduation he became an aquatic engineer for the sewer, and water systems in San Fransisco. After a while Rube saw that This job was not for him, he got a job at a newspaper, as a office boy. Mr. Goldberg would send drawings and cartoons to the editors to publish, and they finally got published. He became a great hit and many people liked his work as well as his nifty inventions on the paper.

Today there is a national Rube Goldberg contest that many colleges have made popular. These competitions are usually for engineer students and consists of a team of students, making an invention that uses a lot of actions to make one thing happen. The national competition rules say that the minimum actions are twenty, but since the competition has evolved many of the teams have one-hundred to one-hundred and twenty actions.

Now here at Purdue N.S.E.B.E (National Society of Black Engineers) is one of the teams that participates in the competition. I myself am in the organization, my friends from high school David Howard, and Kaijah Blackwell were on the team and made an invention. I was proud to see there picture on the front page of the Exponent Monday morning. The Rube Goldberg project is a very interesting project that brings many of Rube's ideas alive.


Last night there was a bomb threat on the one of the buildings across from the bell tower. The police, late Sunday night were informed about this threat and acted accordingly. Many fellow students in my hall knew what was going on because of Purdue's online web cam system.

We could see on the live feed that the police were searching the labs and rooms of the mechanical engineering building. using dogs and high powered semi-automatic guns the police were able to search the whole building.

This was truly an exciting and frightening moment. I was watching it all happen in real time. The reason I am so baffled about this is that I was over inn that area last night at about nine o-clock. I was in a scheduled pledge class meeting. I saw that the whole fire-station was there,but I did not know what was going on till I got back to my dorm.

Many students in my dorm thought that Purdue would close, but alas they would lose more money closing that staying open. I knew that there would not be any delay in classes. The exponent, even only gave a small paragraph or two to tell what happened. The bomb did not go off, of course and many of the students I talked to think it was a prank, or some kid who did not study for a test and needed extra time. Who knows who did it, why and to what end, I guess we might find out in time after the investigation.

Its no surprise that the police took this incident very seriously. I mean it would be really easy for a person to make a bomb. The internet and all its resources are all you need to create "a weapon of mass destruction".

I just recently had my first visit to the west Lafayette library. I had a lot of studying to do and did not want to go to my dorm. When entering the building I got a real sense of solitude and meekness. By the color scheme of tan, light brown, light green and hints of blue. All of these colors make you feel as if you are calm, or ready to settle down.
While roaming through the library I was greeted by a few of the employees for assistance. I kindly refused their offers and told them I was just looking around. I found myself upstairs in the back of the top floor, looking out over food strip of Einstein's and subway, with my fellow students. We were all silently studying and writing trying to play this game called college as best we could.
I explored a little more and found that The library also was equipped with a conference room as well as board meeting and study rooms. I might sound shocked in this story, well its because I was. I did not expect for a small city like this to have such a lavish and well stocked library. I can not, for the life of me know why, but I was expecting something different and was blown away.
From now on I will be doing all my studying on campus here at the library of west Lafayette. The first impression experience has caught me in its jaws. If you don't believe me please check it out for yourselves. I think that those of you who haven't been will be just as amazed with their facility as I was.

This week the president has been under a lot of pressure with his first presidential statement to the press. In my opinion he did a great job expressing what needed to be expressed. The president came on a little strong willed and, hearted. He told the people of the united states as well as the press and the world of our problem and his current actions in detail.

The economic stimulus plan has been the controversial issue in present times. Everyone expects a quick and simple fix, well that's what got us into this mess in the first place. Also where my main picture represents. Super "O" to the rescue, here to fix the economy,war in Iraq, and world hunger in three weeks tops. No really, Super "O" can sign a thousand bills with one hand tied behind his back. "He can enunciate himself in a speech, and can actually express himself in an intelligent way".

The president has come to make the white house his home. Unfortunately he can not go on his famous lone walks, but the white house lawn suffices. With the family, Home, and work place all in one; Mr. Obama has found that he can spend much more time with his family and children. In fact more than with any other job. Although he thinks of his former job from time to time.I've been posting a lot of humorous pictures, from political views to theses Obama shoes. I just want "you" to see some of the outrageous multimedia portraits of Barack and his Secretary of state Hillary.

I just think it is funny how all of these different clothing lines that I've never heard of start to pop up when Barack was elected. I mean his face was on everything, I saw a guy in Indy who had a perforated picture of Barack on his sunglasses. I mean he really has harnessed this idea of change; especially in the hearts and minds of the youth of America.

To see all of this change before my eyes is a wonderful experience,I am witnessing history as it happens; as a history major... that's a big deal! If I possibly become a teacher (which I highly doubt because I would hate to teach a student like me) one of my favorite things to teach would definitely be this event in history.

Ijust had to post some these hillarios pics I found on the internet. enjoy lol!!!

Red or Blue Pill?

What up people, so as college students we all want or wish for something to make homework and classes easier. Well apparently there's this new drug you can take. It has neither side effect nor does it cause you to become drowsy. In fact it does the very opposite keeps you alert, focused, and centered. One catches... It’s illegal yep you know what I'm talking about, Adderall.

The new craze in study techniques and destroyer of procrastination, any students are using Adderall for all work and doing very well in their classes. This has become an epidemic, where four out of every twenty students are taking Adderall the (wonder drug) to get through their classes.

Many of my friends are on this drug and say that it works great. That it really does all that it is said to do. I also know that the same friends are staying up two and three days straight after taking this drug. I have asked some students around campus; not many about twenty what they think of Adderall and have they taken it themselves. I found out that many of them said yes, and that it works. My question is what is the cost for having this drug?

I've looked up some information on this drug and found that it has a high tendency for becoming quite addictive. Meaning the more you take it the more you want it. I mean that is one of the worst symptoms ever if you ask me. I wonder how many kids are on this drug here at Purdue, and is there any way to make this safe.

My rant on this would be if you want to do well in class, but don't want to work hard on your own will, then take this pill become a studying and working machine for a couple days and have a nice life. Cause your most likely going to become an addict for it. There will always be some drug or supplement out there that everyone says will help with something. Especially with students, we as students should make the choice either to take or not.

From a student’s point of view, I can see the real potential for good this to happen. You get your work done all caught up in school, so you get to hang out more. Whatever the reason, more time to do whatever. Adderall would be sold out on shelves if it wasn't illegal, but it is. Students are taking the risk of getting incarcerated to get their work done easier, fast, and focused.

Then again I would like to know what the universities are thinking about this. I mean they also know what goes on in college, as well as with the students. Looking from their view I would wondering how to keep students from using something illegal, dangerous and addictive just to get work done. How do you stop something like that?Well I’ll tell you one they have tried… DOGS; yes dogs. The new K-9 unit for the Purdue and west Lafayette police. This unit includes eleven new dogs and trainers who will help in the service of protecting the city.

What do you think about Adderall in colleges all over the country? What are your views on this situation, and where do you stand? I want to hear from some students, to see how many people really know of Adderall and what it does.