In Lahore today a police academy on the outskirts of the city was taken by terrorists.this is an officer of the elite armed forces of Pakistan, right after taking back a police academy.

In the early morning while many of the young cadets and officers did their morning drill.

Terrorist suspected to be involved with al-queada threw grenades and rushed in the small fortress.
Pakistani forces came to drive the terrorist out.After ten to fifteen minutes of speratic gun fire and helicopter support. the academy was retaken. This comes weeks after Obama's pledge to root out terrorist from their safe zones in Afghanistan, as well as in Pakistan.

In this map(to the left) you can see where Lahore is as well as where the academy in question is. The space is more traveled than it looks. although it is very far from the city, many people use it to get back and forth from their villages.

Pakistan was made independent on the fifteenth of august, in 1947 by the British. You should know that the British had a monopoly of sorts on almost all of middle east. The reasons for this were oil, and quick travel to India and Australia. Pakistan was not made a country until after the second world war and the fall of the ottoman empire(an empire ruled by Turks and Kurds). Where it became a mandate state of Britain. Pakistan was added to Iraq and Kuwait. The Pakistani people were very empowered to make their own government and rules of state. The problem was that many of the British influences were made directly. Meaning there were "Brits"
in office actually ruling and making decisions, later they saw that this form of ruling would not work and started to appoint people from Pakistan to rule over their own people. The British still had an influence of indirect controlled because they were funding so much of Pakistan's economy and infrastructure.

Now the country of Pakistan is running its own semi- democracy with some monarchical traits. The U.S is involved in rooting out the terrorism and having Pakistan as a great ali.

Iran Drones

In recent news we have heard of Obama getting some arguments and conflicts with Iran. Saying that the Iranians are tiered of the unman drones that come in and attack certain terrorist occupied areas. These drones are the new age of war fare. They can go as far as some maned jets can and destroy the enemy with no casualties. The air force as well as the navy and marines are using these new weapons to cause destruction and chaos in the enemies lines.

I have an interest in this technology because on of my friends is actually learning to fly and repair these machines of war. He has always been interested in this type of thing and I'm glad he is doing what he likes.

The Predator-qr is an awesome piece of equipment that can use the lower atmosphere orbit to stay in the sky up to three weeks. This allows our forces to take important pics and get enemy locations in seconds. With a small unmanned air craft in the air radar is virtually useless. Also the air craft is very quiet and small so hard to destroy , in the right hands can dish out a lot of trouble for the other side.

The reason I brought up Iran, because we are discussing about Iran in my history class. We were talking about the new and modern weapons that the Iranians had in 1975. The dangerous weapon of hostage taking. In 1975 the most unprecedented happened. Some Iranian students charged the American embassy and took all inside as hostages for four months. This was Americas first globally staged hostage situation.

The hostages were released and everything was resolved, but as we have seen and history has shown is that if you bring some new type of warfare to the equation you have a better chance at a better out come.

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Oh... I got my camera fixed and had a new focal plane shutter put in. Its the shutter that sits right in front of the focal plane, or viewing area of the camera. With a focal plane shutter i am able to take a clear and pristine picture, my focus increases by twenty percent, and my camera is a little lighter.