With his first week under his belt, the forty-fourth president Barack Obama has hit the ground running. With all the promises made through out the campaign trail and slogans for change, many people are watching to see witch promises were true. The expectations are up high for Mr. Obama, our nation's economy is down, the united state's reputation to the world is diminished, and we have environmental and power issues. This is what our president is focusing on as main issues.

BeforeMr. Obama can acomplish all of this MONEY is needed! Today the u.s senate will have a debate over the stimulus plan produced by the Obama administration. The bill was passed by the house, but now in the senate there is to be "The Debate for the ages" says "The Christian Science Monitor."

I was delighted to hear today on channel six news that the president is making education one of his top priorities. Even though the president hasn't started on any plans he has on the subject he has already had results. In the exponent There was a short study done by "Ray Friedman a management professor at Vanderbilt University, has documented an Obama effect." The article goes on about how the influence of a positive black role model effect the African American population. The preliminary trials of the study show that the gap between caucasian and black students is closing. The article goes on to say that with a Black president in office many of the stereotpyes of African American's are shedding. Now students who find these stereotpyes as hendering can now focus on their studies and excell.

Alright for my first blog I'm going to talk about one of the most stupid things I have done here at Purdue. Coming to Purdue is a great privilege for me and I like it here, but I swear that when I came here I lost all my luck from past present an future. I mean all of it, the odds of me getting hurt back home in Indy were very slim, but for the last month of high school and I found myself getting hurt all the time. with every crazy gimmick tried, I got hurt in some way or form.

So... I come to Purdue and first month is good and nothing really bad happens. I agree to become a student who will be shadowed for a weekend, I got a pretty cool guy and everything was cool.... The last night we're suppose to go to a party, but I didn't feel like going and ended up not. Everyone had fun and was partying while, I ran through a shatter proof glass door and got a huge gash in my arm. Now when people ask what happened I jokingly say knife fight. lol!!

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