Alright for my first blog I'm going to talk about one of the most stupid things I have done here at Purdue. Coming to Purdue is a great privilege for me and I like it here, but I swear that when I came here I lost all my luck from past present an future. I mean all of it, the odds of me getting hurt back home in Indy were very slim, but for the last month of high school and I found myself getting hurt all the time. with every crazy gimmick tried, I got hurt in some way or form.

So... I come to Purdue and first month is good and nothing really bad happens. I agree to become a student who will be shadowed for a weekend, I got a pretty cool guy and everything was cool.... The last night we're suppose to go to a party, but I didn't feel like going and ended up not. Everyone had fun and was partying while, I ran through a shatter proof glass door and got a huge gash in my arm. Now when people ask what happened I jokingly say knife fight. lol!!

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