When you hear the word mercenary what words , and or thoughts come to mind ?

Usually people come up with negative connotations, thoughts of money, greed, and combat. These are what define a mercenary, they are men and sometimes women who fight, and /or kill for money, or material gain.

The earliest record of mercenaries was in ancient Egypt thirteenth-century B.C. when Ramsesses the second hired eleven thousand men and women from Nubia, Syria, Iran , Kemit, and Canaan. They were made his personal guard as well as one of his elite fighting groups. From then on we have read of different countries, kings, and empires all lead into their power by a privately paid force.

Even now as we, U.S. is at war in the middle east there are mercenaries that are going in before are troops, and accomplishing missions at a hire rate. The fact is that the only way to win a war is to have a private contractor on the side doing what you need to win. There lies the problem, with the war on terror, many people are on edge about why we are still fighting this war. We can not just pull out and let things fall into chaos, nor can we totally destroy everything and just start a new.

The war has stretched the armed forces thin... we just do not have the people to fight in all these different parts of the world. If you do not know what I am speaking of, is we have troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, south Korea, and many other places, but the U.S. can not be in the all these places with force, so they hire private contractors, or mercenaries. they go and take care of the what the armed forces can not.

The mercenary was feared in olden times because of his ability to fight and his resources, many acquired "friends in high places", and knew how to maneuver around the rules and laws of the land.
The future of modern warfare could very possibly be invested in the private contractors and armies. The facts are, the United States has been effectively using private contractors in Iraq and many other wars. Having such a force rises the percentage of success.